Is htmx Just Another JS Framework?

#​670 — January 11, 2024

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Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework? — Despite being four years old, htmx has seen a surge in popularity recently, parly due to fatigue with ‘big frameworks’ and also because its simple HTML-based approach to adding functionality to a page appeals to an increasingly diverse group. But is it just another framework itself? Yes. And no.

Alexander Petros

▶  HTMX for React Developers in 10 Minutes — You’re not interested in discussions about semantics.. you just want to get something done with htmx? Here, Jack takes ten minutes to show off the essentials.

Jack Herrington

Add Excel-like Spreadsheet Functionality to Your JavaScript Apps — SpreadJS is the industry-leading JavaScript spreadsheet for adding advanced spreadsheet features to your enterprise apps. Build finance, analysis, budget, and other apps. Excel I/O, 500+ calc functions, tables, charts, and more. View demos now.

SpreadJS from MESCIUS inc sponsor

33 JavaScript Concepts Every Developer Should Know — A curated collection of links to tutorials on 33 different areas worth understanding well, including: types, closures, equality, scope, and different engines. We linked this two years ago, but it remains frequently updated.

Leonardo Maldonado

Introducing fsx: A Modern Filesystem API for JavaScript — Filesystem APIs in JavaScript runtimes haven’t been great for a long time. This is one prominent JavaScript expert’s attempt to make a better one.

Nicholas C. Zakas


CodePen shares its top 100 ‘pens’ of 2023. Lots of fantastic bits and pieces to look through and learn from here.

Bored? The Deno team is running a little hackathon over the next week. is a new effort to catalog web services that can work without JavaScript.

🌼 Enjoy the


Docusaurus 3.1 – Popular site generator/framework.

Rspack 0.5 – Fast Rust-based web bundler.

MikroORM 6 – TypeScript ORM for Node.js.

Node.js v20.11.0 (LTS), Bun 1.0.22, npm 10.3 and Astro 4.1.

📒 Articles & Tutorials

The Website vs. Web App Dichotomy Doesn’t Exist — An interesting think piece that will help you flesh out your own opinions on the matter: “If there’s one takeaway from all this, it’s that the web is a flexible medium where any number of technologies can be combined in all sorts of interesting ways.

Jake Lazaroff

Rust-Based JavaScript Linters: Fast, But No Typed Linting Right Now — An explanation of why the speed gains from Rust-powered linters aren’t comparable to the full feature set of typescript-eslint.

Josh Goldberg

Reduce 80%+ Latency with Vercel Edge Functions — Learn how TiDB Serverless + Vercel Edge Functions can significantly reduce latency for global users. Read now!

TiDB sponsor

The State of Benchmarking in Node.js — While Node has always been fast (thanks largely to its V8 underpinnings), there’s a renewed focus on performance in the face of benchmarks and claims from alternatives like Deno and Bun. Lars looks at the ecosystem of benchmarking options in the space.

Lars Kappert

A CSS Media Query for Scripting Support — A new media query (e.g. @media (scripting: none)) was just added to Chrome (and Edge) to let you to define styles upon whether scripting languages are available. It’s supported in all major browsers now – a rare case of Chromium playing catch-up!

Stephanie Stimac

▶  What is Remix Exactly? — As in Remix, the full-stack web framework.

Alem Tuzlak

🛠 Code & Tools

zip.js: Library to Zip and Unzip Files — Sounds simple, and it is, but it supports a couple of different formats and can generate password protected ZIPs. There are a few demos, but the simplest one sold me on its own. GitHub repo.

Gildas Lormeau

Element Plus: Vue 3 Component Library — Out of the box you get a large variety of clean components with a minimal vibe. You can see them in action here.

Element Plus Team

Add Authorization, MFA, Biometrics and More to Your JavaScript App in Just Minutes — It’s about time that somebody talked some sense about OAuth and JavaScript. So we did. You’re welcome.

FusionAuth sponsor

RE2JS: Linear Time Matching for Regular Expressions — RE2 is a regex engine built by Google designed to operate in time proportional to the size of the input, in order to avoid so-called ‘ReDoS’ problems backtracking can cause. There are bindings for Node.js, but this version works in the browser.

Oleksii Vasyliev

Penrose: Beautiful Math Diagrams by Writing Plain Text — It might sound a little like Mermaid (indeed, their homepages are strikingly similar) but its scope feels somewhat more math-focused – there are many examples.

Penrose Contributors

DOMPurify 3.0.8: A Fast, Tolerant XSS Sanitizer for HTML — Supports all modern browsers and is heavily tested. There’s a live demo here.


remoteStorage: Cross Browser/Device Persistence — Combines the localStorage API with a remote server to persist data across browsers and devices – so basically, imagine localStorage but remote. Here’s the server part.


eslint-plugin-vue 9.20.0 – The official ESLint plugin for Vue.js now supports Vue 3.4. Homepage.

file-type 19.0 – Detect file type from a Buffer, Uint8Array, or ArrayBuffer.

React Unity WebGL 9.5 – Embed Unity WebGL builds in React apps.

htmlparser2 9.1 – A fast and forgiving HTML/XML parser.

YouTube.js 8.2 – Wrapper around YouTube’s internal API.

React-PDF 7.7 – React component to display PDFs.

HLS.js 1.5 – HTTP Live Streaming client library.

React Icons 5.0 – Easily use popular icons in React apps.

Chai 5.0 – BDD / TDD assertion library.

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