N|Solid: Node.js Compatibility Proven through Fastify CI Integration

At NodeSource, we understand the hesitance and scrutiny that often accompany claims of “Node.js compatibility”. The Node.js ecosystem is vast and intricate, and as Matteo Collina rightly points out, passing a “hello world” example is just the start.

We believe N|Solid should be a component of every Node.js project, especially in production, to provide developers and organizations with the most advanced performance and security observability tooling. To accomplish this, we need to ensure we work well within the ecosystem.

With that in mind, we’ve taken Matteo’s challenge head-on. We’re not just talking about compatibility; we’re proving it. It’s not just about N|Solid running well in isolation but about showing how it can be integrated seamlessly into existing Node.js workflows, such as those using GitHub Actions. Matteo’s open invitation to demonstrate runtime compatibility within the CI of his projects provided us with the perfect opportunity to showcase N|Solid’s robustness.

Integration Made Easy with GitHub Actions

The integration of N|Solid into GitHub Actions is straightforward, ensuring that your projects can enjoy the advanced features of N|Solid without any hassle. For developers and organizations aiming to maintain continuity while enhancing their Node.js applications with N|Solid’s capabilities, the transition is a breeze.


Rising to the Challenge: Fastify and N|Solid Go Hand-in-Hand

In response to Matteo’s tweet, we rolled up our sleeves and sent a pull request to one of the most esteemed Node.js web frameworks around: Fastify. You can see our contribution here:

Our goal was to demonstrate N|Solid’s compatibility without altering the existing test code in the Fastify repository. The result? Success. The pull request showcases a GitHub Actions pipeline executing Fastify’s comprehensive suite of library tests using the N|Solid runtime, maintaining green across the board.

This is not just a win for N|Solid; it’s a statement to the Node.js community that N|Solid is a runtime you can trust to support your applications completely. It’s Node.js compatibility that truly holds up under scrutiny.


Through diligent work and community engagement, NodeSource is excited to affirm that the N|Solid runtime stands as a fully compatible Node.js runtime, ready to be integrated into your projects. Whether you’re looking to leverage N|Solid’s enhanced security features, performance monitoring, or any other advanced capabilities, doing so will not ask you to sacrifice compatibility. With our successful Fastify tests and the ease of GitHub Actions integration, the path forward with N|Solid is clear, secure, and efficient. Try N|Solid for FREE today!

We’re proud to contribute to the Node.js ecosystem and look forward to seeing how our efforts help you build better, more reliable, and more performant applications.

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